Department of Commerce

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Ambily V. Anil

Head of The Department

Department of commerce, MCAs has been established with a vision to prepare future business leaders of the country. The department takes pride in its teaching, learning facilities and comprehensive curriculum. The Department has a in-house incubation centre which assist the aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their dream projects from conception to completion.

The course curriculum is updated on a regular basis by keeping in view, the academic and industry requirements. The students are engaged in assignments, presentations and are evaluated through internal assessment and examinations.

Our department has a well- equipped library highly qualified and experienced team of faculties with academic and industry exposure is a key feature of the department. The department also provide one to one mentoring of students.

Our motto is empower students as the agents of transformation and equip them to face local and global challenges.

Tijo T. Jose
Asst Professor
M.Com.,B.Ed., NET, SET.
+91 9656687488
Sumaira Harize
Asst Professor
+91 952683664
Soumya Marium Santhosh
Asst Professor
+91 9495131628
Sheeba Clemens
Asst Professor
+91 9947861274
Shyama S.
Asst Professor
M.Com. NET
+91 9526621770
Tiji Mathew
Asst Professor
M.Com. SET
+91 9526010053
Aswathy Ramachandran
Asst Professor
M.Com., NET
+91 8281566242
Anju R. Nair
Asst Professor
MA., NET, Research Scholar.
+91 9961754029